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An Informative Paralegal Guide How To Handle Disability Case Work There has to be some paralegal guide how to handle disability case work that will allow the paralegal the ability to see what there is different about this type of case. Disability cases have become some of the most prominent in the court system since the ADA was enacted (with its provision that the courts would decide what a disability was) so, a paralegal guide how to handle disability case is definitely needed. Even without the ADA making it possible for the disabled to bring law suits regarding difficulties they have in public it would probably be necessary to have a paralegal guide how to handle disability case. This is because...
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Boston University Paralegal Degree Program And Its Features The Boston University paralegal degree program has been running successfully for several years now, in line with their on campus courses, and delivered by the same educators. Boston University Paralegal Degree provides a solid base for paralegal professionals to obtain the knowledge, skills and procedural practice required for carrying out the duties of a paralegal, whether it is in a law firm, health care environment or government department and in the industrial accident investigation industry.

Boston University Paralegal Degree course also gives the students the skills needed in the real world when it comes to data storage and retrieval...
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Colorado Paralegal Sanctioned Duties FAQs The state of Colorado has adopted Colorado paralegal sanctioned guidelines that outline the duties that can be performed by a paralegal. The Guidelines for the Utilization of Paralegals were formally approved in 1986 and the first revision was done in 1998. On May 17, 2008 the Colorado paralegal sanctioned guidelines were approved by the Colorado Bar Association Board of Governors after being reviewed by the Colorado Supreme Court Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel. In the state of Colorado paralegals may perform basic law services under the direct supervision of an attorney and the Colorado paralegal sanctioned guidelines outline which services are...
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Develop A Specialty As A Certified Paralegal It is not necessary to become a certified paralegal in the United States to work in the paralegal profession, but it can help you get hired. The certification procedure ensures that paralegals meet certain ethical and professional standards. The two major organizations that offer these certifications are the National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA), and the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA). To become a certified paralegal with the NFPA, you must complete a four-hour legal exam. NALA has a similar exam that is given over the course of two days. A certified paralegal holds many of the same responsibilities as an attorney, including...
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Do You Want To Earn More Than Average Salary Of A Paralegal? If the answer to the question is yes, and you really do want more than the average salary of a paralegal, you first of all have to know what the average salary of a paralegal is and how this figure is derived at.
The most recent figure that has arrived for the average salary of a paralegal is $45,923, with the lower end of the scale tipping at $35,482 and up to $59,387 at the top end of the scale.

Do not forget also that a huge differential can exist between the lower ends, through the average salary of a paralegal up to the top end of the scale.

The average salary of a paralegal should only be taken as a guideline. Age, length of...
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High Court Leaves New York's Online Sales Tax Law in Place

Dec. 2 was an extraordinary day for Amazon.com: Cyber Monday sales reached new heights, its fanciful plan to use drones to make deliveries was creating buzz -- and then the U.S. Supreme Court spoiled it all by turning down Amazon's challenge to online sales taxes.

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